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What we do

Our first step, to begin with, is YOU. We try to understand your idea, need, preferences and vision to design a space that suits your taste and lifestyle. Our design focuses on giving you a personalized version of the outdoor space that reflects you. Once the design is finalised and the budget is decided; we move on to give life to the plan.
The base of all our design is the science of horticulture that deals with the plant type, their survival needs and the condition of the place. In accordance with the client’s vision and the design, our horticulturist selects the perfect plant for the place. We also consider the right furniture, lighting, colours, materials and flooring required. Each of these are special hand-picked by our team.
This is where everything falls in place. Our team of experts like electricians, woodworkers, civil workers along with our architects and horticulturist come together to bring your vision to life. The installations are done with minimal interruption to your comfort and space in consideration.
Our work doesn’t just end with handing over the designed space. We make it a point to keep a check on the place and help you maintain the plants by providing nutritional treatments, assessment of the plants and many more. We make sure that your place stays refresh and new always.


Hardscaping is all about altering the yard before getting into the plantation process. It is the most integral part while designing a landscape as it deals with the foundation of the yard. Only after the completion of this can the beautification of the place be done. It mainly deals with the water features like the irrigation, the water flow in the garden, the amount of absorption and many more inconsideration to the climate of the place. Once this is done the soil erosion due to rain and water clogging are never a problem, the garden stays drier and enjoyable throughout.


Softscaping is everything concerning horticulture. All the live elements required to shape the landscape according to the preference and ambience complimenting the lifestyle of the people living around it. It includes digging, planting, trimming, mowing, to trees, flowers, and shrubs. It provides a green cover to the whole area reflecting the receptivity of the occupants.

Outdoor Lighting

We also specialise in outdoor or garden lightings required to illuminate the place and add to the beauty of the landscape. It is also required to enhance the garden and add to the safety, accessibility, recreation, security, social events and sports conducted there.

Outdoor Furniture

Any landscape is incomplete without the right furniture to support its use. The outdoor space in a residence or commercial place can be optimized by placing the right furniture to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues. We have a range of furniture that can be installed according to the choice and preference, and the climate conditions of the occupant.