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We are The Finishing Touch – a one stop shop for all gardening and provides all kind of Landscaping Services in Kolkata, India. We strive to provide all outdoor and indoor landscaping services and design solutions. Our design methodologies include the whole process i.e. from ideation to prototyping, installations and maintenance of the landscape to match your aesthetic requisites! In a collaborative effort with our skilled technicians and architects, we thrive on providing a curated green space to every home.

Directors’ message

When you think about the long, lazy summers of your childhood, chances are that you may remember the perfect garden at your grandparent’s place. It is just not a garden, a lawn or a terrace, the fact remains that green is gradually disappearing from our lives, more so because it is difficult to imagine a garden in the urban landscape.

Ravi Singh

When my clients first meet me, they often express their concern that they have a small apartment and how can we add a garden to it. I tell them they have the liberty to have their own green paradise literally anywhere. At The Finishing Touch, it is our aim to break the stereotypical myth that an urban set up cannot have a garden.

Neha Singh

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