One Stop Solution For Landscaping

The Finishing Touch, Assam aims to spread a little greenery around whether in your workplace or in your homes. So, that you too can have a green space of your own amidst the urban jungle you might be living in. We provide a wide range of eye-catching landscaping, terrace gardening, Natural & Artificial Corporate Plantation Services, Outdoor Water Fountain Service, Farmhouse Landscaping Design Services and garden accessories for your property that not only look good but also increase the value of your properties! 

Exterior Landscaping Services

First impressions are the best impressions. So, never neglect your exterior space whether it’s your workspace or your home, remember first impressions as power. And what can be more welcoming than greeting your guests and your family with the feel of natural beauty. 

Adorn your space with lush green foliage by investing in Exterior Landscaping services by The Finishing Touch at Assam. Be it planting a small shrub or renovating the entire courtyard, our Outdoor Landscaping Designer excels in designing the best possible landscapes that sit accurately in your space including hardscape and softscape. 

Our professional landscaping consultant provides technical solutions and hands on experience to produce original tailor-made landscaping designs that will make your place unique, close to nature and aesthetically appealing. Now turn your bare vacant courtyards and backyards into reviving and relaxing sanctuaries.        

Outdoor Water Fountain Service

We have mastered the art of providing Outdoor Water Fountain Service with the help of skilled civil engineers and architects. Since The Finishing Touch at Assam has a wealth of experience in this field, we fabricate the fountains using cutting-edge machinery and premium building materials to guarantee their appearance and longevity. Before providing Outdoor Water Fountain Service, our experts carefully assess the site, impact on the environment, and region where fountains will be built. We only utilize construction materials that have been quality-approved and are purchased from licensed suppliers while building fountains. Our professionals create many varieties of fountains, such as musical, garden ornamental, decorative, etc., with great originality to enhance the attractiveness of residential buildings, hotels, resorts, gardens, and other locations. 

Terrace Gardening Services

With the cities expanding and the green cover reducing, it is turning out to be a serious concern in the present era. More than the availability of green cover, the necessity of it is the current status of our lifestyle. Are you too looking for ways to increase the greenery around your place? But fall short of space to do so? Well! There is a great solution to your longing – terrace gardening. 

In metropolitan cities, where you usually have next to no place for gardening, terrace gardening is your only way out. There are many who are blessed with a terrace but confused on how to utilize it to the fullest. Opting for rooftop gardening is an amazing way to beautify your place as well as keep yourself a little close to nature. But this setup requires one to meet a lot of criterias such as the type of terrace garden flooring, terrace garden decor, Terrace Garden Planters, the seating arrangements and many more. We at The Finishing Touch, Assam can help you formulate the final outcome to turn your dream rooftop garden vision into reality. 

Farmhouse Landscaping Design Services

Green space is what we all appreciate whether in our work space or at our home. But many of us are blessed to have a vast area all to ourselves to design and transform into our own green space. A place where you can enjoy being amidst nature, relaxing and reviving, and living in a healthier lifestyle. Creating this Farmhouse Landscaping Design may seem simple but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

This is where The Finishing Touch comes in. We provide Farmhouse Landscaping Design Services that brings out the idyllic surrounding, appreciating the scenic beauty of countryside lifestyle. There are numerous ways to give your place the relaxed and serene feel of a farmhouse. Our experienced professionals use designer planters, garden accessories, stone pathways, lush garden paths, conversational corners and many more to deliver the best to you.  

Natural & Artificial Corporate Plantation Services

Is your workspace void of greenery? Or is it that you are unable to take care of plants but still feel the need of some greenery around? 

Your search ends here! The Finishing Touch, Assam provides a variety of landscaping and plantation services among which Natural & Artificial Corporate Plantation Service is the best that you can opt for your workspace. 

We have an excellent team of professionals who can provide you  with a range of options and ideas in regards to Artificial Office Plantation Solution or Natural Office Plantation Solution to bring in a little liveliness to it. Natural & Artificial Corporate Plantation Services include green wall, flowering pots, artificial potted plants, grass cover, interior plant designing and many more.